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Form-Based Information Lab

Laboratório de Modelagem Baseada em Informação


Faculty of Architecture, Urban Planning and Design

The Federal University of Uberlândia - Brazil

Who we are

and what we do

The Form-Based Information Lab is a space from the Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism, and Design at Federal University of Uberlândia. Founded in 2017, it replaced the 55 m² of the former Computer Graphics Laboratory II, located in Building 1i at Santa Mônica Campus. Our team explores technologies from computing, logic, math, and artificial intelligence to produce innovation in Building Information Modeling and Computer Simulations. We receive grants from several sources: CNPq, CAPES, FAPEMIG, and Eletrobrás Furnas S/A, through scholarships, equipment, and infrastructure.

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What do we do?

What do we do?


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Faculty of Architecture, Urban Planing and Design

Master in Architectural Design and Urban Planning

Research group in design and computation

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