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We are at the UFU - Santa Mônica Campus. 2121 João Naves de Ávila Av. ​Building 1i, Room 105 (ground floor) ​Zipcode: 38 400 902 UBERLÂNDIA - MINAS GERAIS - BRAZIL

"On March 21, 2017, at 7:00 pm, I gathered three undergraduates: Matheus Reis, Danillo Faria, and Raphael Alves, and together, we initiated the Form-Based Information Lab. Everything on this site represents the collective efforts of many individuals. It would be unfair to list them all and possibly overlook someone. However, when you gaze at the logo, please recognize the many faces behind it."

some information may be useful when mentioning the laboratory:


Google Maps (18.92S 48.26W) 




3D: RGB: 248 185 21 ; HEX: #f8b915

Background: RGB: 38 32 75 ; HEX: #26204b 

x: 255 0 0 #FF0000

y: 0 176 80 #00B050

z: 0 176 240 #00B0F0

Brand identity: 

Raphael Alves: @raphaelrioberi

MOBI logo: 

Júlia Abrão: @up_studiodesign

Our files: 

PDF: Brand manual


PNG: UFU Logos 45


PNGinforma3D Logos

PNG: Mobi Logo

PNG: Wallpaper 16x9

PNG: Site QRCode

PNG: People QRCode

MP4: Vignette

PNG: Filters

Useful local files:

XLS: UFU Calendar

DWG: Uberlândia topographic map

PLN: Bloco 1i Building Model

EPW: Uberlândia BRA weather file


For further questions, please, write us:

Kind regards.

Prof. Dr. André L. Araujo

Coordinator of the Form-Based Information Lab

Portaria Pessoal UFU Nº 6763, de 24 de novembro de 2023

[SEI: 23117.058916/2019-65]

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