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On March 21, 2017, at 7:00 pm, I gathered three undergrads: Matheus Reis, Danillo Faria, and Raphael Alves, and we started the Form-Based Information Lab. Everything on this site is an effort from several people. It would be unfair to list all of them and forget someone. Nevertheless, when you look at the logo, make sure you see many faces.


Some information could be helpful:




Google Maps (18.92S 48.26W) 


Yellow: RGB: 248 185 21 ; HEX: #f8b915

Purple: RGB: 38 32 75 ; HEX: #26204b 

Brand identity: 

Raphael Alves: @raphaelrioberi

MOBI logo: 

Júlia Abrão: @up_studiodesign

Image files: 

UFU logo 

UFU logo 45

FAUED logo logo
mobi logo

wallpaper 16x9


brand manual

qrcode sticker


For further questions, please, write us:

Kind regards.

André L. Araujo, Ph.D.

Coordinator of the Form-Based Information Lab

Portaria DIRFAUED Nº 48, de 10 de junho de 2021

[SEI: 23117.058916/2019-65]

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